Thinking About the Future

We have problems. Serious problems. Problems like poverty, hunger, homelessness, wars, immigration, financial systems, corruption, and many more. Something is wrong. A worldview is a way of organizing ourselves, it’s a system, a collection of beliefs about how the world should be. Do most of the people you know believe that we should be hungry? Homeless? Killing one another? Poverty-stricken? I don’t know anyone who believes that that’s the way we should live. So why do we put up with such conditions? Is it because we have never stopped to examine the roots of such a system? Well, it’s time. And what do we find when we get right down to those roots? We find two things. One is the distortion of ownership. Ownership is not bad, in itself. However, it is not good to allow the idea of ownership to pave the way for the bullies, corporations, or nations to take over everything – to claim that the land is theirs, the water is theirs, the money is theirs, and all the power belongs to them. The second thing is the concept that some people are better and more deserving than others. Healthy competition helps to nurture our growth, but not when it results in the belief that some people are more important than others. This paves the way for gross imbalance in a system. We are all valuable in different ways. What if the person who was the best gardener was obliged to feed the most people? What if the group that made the best cellphones had the job of supplying the most people? What if the best artist, writer, or singer was expected to present visionary material to the widest slice of the public? What if the best leader was expected to negotiate only peace and service to others? And what if 6.9 billion people woke up one day to realize they were cold, hungry, thirsty, homeless, cut off from what they needed to survive because of money, and being encouraged to slaughter one another? Would they continue to go along with such a system? Or would they begin to notice that there was something ass-backwards about that system? We are right there! This is the end of an age…the age of industrialism, of coal, oil, and chemistry, of nation states and capitalism, of religion. Industrialism has gone as far as it can go without totally destroying the Earth. Coal, oil, and chemistry have gone as far as they can go in covering up the discovery of free energy. Nations states and capitalism have gone as far as they can go without completely destroying civilization. And religion has gone as far as it can go without completely arresting all human development. What is beyond the end of our age? It’s time to think creatively about the future.  


  • I just found this address by Putin in 2013 in which he expresses the function of values in religion for guidance of society. I am distressed that you are subjected to deprivation of internet usage… very Soviet and Authoritarian dispensed by the lack of infrastructure and controlled through privatization.

    Stuart J Smith (@fiftyquint)
  • The free energy is here and weaponized as demonstrated on 9/11. Tesla and Shauberger are the most prominent figures in demonstrating ‘plasma physics’. I don’t know how we can move up to the use of this ancient energy and technology w/o the consciousness requirement that comes along with it. I often think that our collective consciousness can only be upgraded by new rays from the Sun, or new cosmic rays. This was expressed by Anastasia in her own way to Megre, saying her own ‘ray’ was and would be slowly bringing others into their own self-realization.We each have our own emitting ray according to her. As far as religion goes, I see it as as a component of humanity that has been hijacked. No one has articulated it better than J.Krishnamurti. We are religious by nature and need a universal religion .John Lash is promoting it based on what he calls the Sophia Narrative. The Urantia Book is all about coming to the recognition of the need for an encompassing religion in order to continue evolving. I now am intrigued by the Russian Orthodox as the original Christian church. Dr.Irene Caesar’s remarks about the shape of the domes on the churches providing protection and enhancement for mental capacities. I think we have plenty to work with w/o throwing out the baby with the bath water. Everyday I am confronted with new understanding of what has always surrounded me that I have ignored or overlooked. It is a matter of perception of what is, and this is what all of your books are about, Penny.

    Stuart J Smith (@fiftyquint)
  • True, Phillip, but this year is a “changing year.” I have to be honest, there were plenty of times I didn’t think we had it in us to discern the fact that we were being screwed by our government. However, we did…and Trump’s election was a statement that we were seeing beyond the hype, the lies, and the distractions. I think we’re all in for some deep and wonderful changes (as well as some deep and difficult changes) over the coming year, and this time next year we will look back and say, “Holy cow! What a ride!!”

    Penny Kelly
  • We live in a post-fact and post-truth world where all is but a narrative and everyone has their own.

    Phillip Van Der Merwe
  • Vaughn, you must be reading the post on FB because I wrote it on my website.

    Penny Kelly

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