The Grid - Update #4

In the past, I have had many lessons in patience as I sat with information that I wished would either prove to be true or go away. The information about The Grid is one of those. I was reviewing the pieces I collected over the summer, and thinking about the possible involvement of hidden people like those in the cabal. That led to recalling that they had an affinity for special "dates of significance" like the 11th, which is one of only two master numbers in the entire pantheon of numbers. That led to thoughts that ran something like, "Maybe I should look at Oct. 11...or...what about the entire month of November? That's all a bunch of 11s...!" Just then someone sent me an excerpt from one Benjamin Fulford's blog: "Senior cabalists in the West are threatening tsunamis, nuclear terror, death camps and other atrocities as their grip on world power continues to slip...However, the biggest threat of all remains the likely implosion and nationalization of the privately owned system of central banks. There continue to be signs some sort of financial event involving the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan is imminent, according to multiple sources. There are hints that November 5th could be a key date..." So I continue to watch and wait, look and listen, think and hope for something good to happen.


  • Oooo! I didn’t know that about November 5th, Eagleheart! I saw the movie, but it was long enough ago that I don’t remember the details. I just remember it was really powerful! Thanks for the comment, and I hope you’ll continue to watch and wait with us!

    Penny Kelly
  • Also November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, mentioned prominently in “V for Vendetta”, the film from which “Anonymous” got their name and masks. 11-11 keeps coming up in my messages, however it does seem wise to “Remember, Remember the fifth of November”. Thank you for all you share. I am re-reading Volume 3 and it is very validating to my own explorations and conclusions. ~


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