The Grid - Update

After posting the information I had put together about the take down of “the Grid,” I spent some time fussing and second-guessing the information. I don’t like to post that kind of information. Aside from the concern that I might end up looking like a fool and that I probably upset people, I was asking myself things like, “Should I have said anything? What if my timing is way off? Did I put the pieces together correctly? Did I draw the right conclusions?” The weekend came and I was still chewing on all this when I received a phone call from a friend I don’t talk to all that often. She asked how I was and what was new. I told her about the intuitive message at the beginning of the year that something big was going to happen in October and my months-long effort to figure out what that was about. As I shared some of the details of the whole process, including the piece about the Mr. Robot TV show, the hacking, and my conclusion that something was going to happen to the internet, especially where banking and finance were concerned, she was on the other end of the phone going, “OMG! I have to tell you something! OMG!!” When I had finished sharing what was new with me, she said, “Do you remember last year when I was complaining that my website was hacked and I went to a 'special friend' who was a hacker with A----- and asked him to help me fix my site? I said, “Yes! You mean the one who was part of Anonymous?” Oh!” She exclaimed, “I wasn’t going to say that name out loud!” followed by another statement about not knowing who might be listening. She then went on to say that this hacker had contacted her just the other day. He wanted to apologize for never getting to her project. He said it had been a crazy year for him and he was completely caught up in and overwhelmed by some big project he had been working on, plus the fact that he was involved in a movie that was made about him called Mr. Robot. He commented that something big was going to happen in the U.S. very soon, and closed the conversation by apologizing again for not having had time to take on her project. It was my turn to be saying, “OMG!” We said goodbye shortly after that, and I have remained in a very thoughtful state. It is important to keep watching carefully and be flexible. In fact, that is probably good advice for living no matter what may be on the horizon.


  • Okay, I will. I tend to say less than what I’d like to say sometimes. My instructions over and over from the “Robes” were to “stay out of the tear down…you are on the build-up side of the change…we need you on the build up side.” I feel like I veer into dangerous territory from time to time, but that’s because I can’t help but point out flaws in thinking, or possibilities for new perspectives. And I agree – I’d rather be forewarned than blindsided!!

    Penny Kelly
  • Dear Penny,

    Thank you for sending this post. You do not sound like an “alarmist” and I would rather be prepared (emotionally and financially) rather than be surprised. Please continue sharing your valuable info, even though you cannot guarantee, etc. etc. Shirley Nicholson

    Shirley Nicholson
  • Speaking for myself….I appreciate you sharing your visions. Regardless if it scares me or not. Better to be forewarned then to be blindsided. Please keep sharing!

    Donna Collier
  • LOL! Yes, I did teach you that…and it is so good to hear it coming back to me. I think you’re right, it will be an awakening and shift toward self-sufficient living. I will continue to write…

    Penny Kelly
  • I have been reading SO much about what is coming, from so many different sources. My vision is that it will be an awakening, and shift towards self reliance(growing food, healing ourselves, etc) and better stewardship of our planet. I think you should continue to write about your experiences, as it fosters conversation-it has a positive ripple effect. Living in fear about change is the opposite of who we are as spiritual beings. Did you teach me that?

    Kimberly Andert

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