Live Interview Tonight on OM Times Radio at 7PM EST!!

Join us tonight for a live interview! I will be talking with Sandi Sedgbeer of OM Times Radio about all things 'consciousness.'  



    Madeline Day
  • Sure, Bob! Happy to do so! After many years of just research, writing books, and more research, I’m beginning to get organized to offer that information to a wider audience. I’ve been talking for at least 7 or 8 months about my ‘new website,’ and I’m sure people think I’m just blowing smoke, but it’s actually in progress finally. It’s been a much more complex process than I expected, but I’m loving it!! New target date is March 20th!!

    Penny Kelly
  • Thanks, Madeline…and I haven’t forgotten you regarding a trip to FL!!

    Penny Kelly
  • At the end of your conversation with Sandi (feb 9), Andi and you agreed to continue the conversations and have them available. Can you provide us the link to those future interviews?
    I will be listening to your Feb 9 interview again to capture more of the details.
    Thank you,
    Bob O’Brien

    Bob O'Brien

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