Immaturity Among Nations

I have to laugh. The new trend in inflammatory rhetoric is complaining about other countries that "interfere” in national policy or procedures. First, it was the U.S. blasting Russia for the alleged hacking of Clinton emails. The latest is China blasting the U.S. because we invited Taiwanese delegates to Trump’s inauguration.  This reminds me of my children as they grew up. Each one got into trouble in some way and got caught…because adults talk to one another I will never forget the day my second daughter stood in front of me, hands on hips, and said in her strictest, most powerful voice, “You may not discuss me with anyone. I forbid you to talk to other people about me!” Trying not to laugh out loud, I simply said, “Sorry! Parents talk, teachers talk, and neighbors talk. That’s how we make sure no one gets into serious trouble.” “That’s not fair!” she argued loudly. “Life is not fair, and I want you to get to adulthood in one piece!” I replied. As I walked away I added, “And I’m going to talk about you with whoever I need or want to as long as you’re under my roof.” The nations of the world are like a bunch of siblings with no parents. The truth is, there is no way that any nation can afford to not do what it must to find out what the rest of us are up to. There is no way that one nation can forbid others to talk, visit, or trade with anyone else. We need to talk. We need to know what is going on. We need to know one another. It will keep us out of trouble.


  • Love this comment, Yvonne! The Earth is the Mother of us all! She certainly needs a rest!!

    Penny Kelly
  • Ha! it could be that the parent of the fighting siblings is Gaia, and she is getting fed up! I expect that she will throw a natural crises or two our way so that we are forced to pay attention, and then work together. It’s hard for kids to get into trouble when they are doing things to keep busy. And they help themselves, so momma can rest.

    Yvonne Chireau
  • Very good point. We can do this now individually, but until the Corporate Media apparatus fails that is the extension of government, we can only look on from the sidelines.

    Stuart J Smith (@fiftyquint)
  • A very apt description. My observations have rendered similar results. What I view in economics, politics etc…, is not " grown ups ",but rather human beings with large bodies, an emotional body at about the age of 7, an almost non existant mental body and an amnesiac relationship to spirituality.
    The human collective consciousness is, at this point in evolution, (in esoteric terminology), at what is called " the first initiation ". Which means it is just barely getting over fighting for survival. The
    planet her-self, is lingering on the fourth initiation, which would mean that she’s on the threshold being " Christed " in a not to distant future ( in cosmic terms). Thats quite a vibrational gap ! My concern then being if humanity will mature in time to make this trip with her. But I agree with the " Robes " timeline. The planet in her " Christed " state, will not need the amount of people now incarnated, given the quality of consciousness at that time period. As for her " children ", well ,there is plenty of other planetary realastate to incarnate on for those who wish to continue squabbling.

    Jan Karlsson
  • Yes – simple truths…so easy. I think we need to hang in there WITH and FOR one another. We’ll get it…the whole group will gradually grow up! I’m rooting for it right beside you!!

    Penny Kelly

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