HAARP and Climate Change?

The conversation and accusations about climate change wax and wane. There are still people out there who believe that the source of the climate change problem is the burning of fossil fuel, the clear-cutting of forests, and the rise of CO2. I’m sure these things don’t help the situation, but I think Mother Earth has cycles, seasons, and tempers of her own that we know nothing about. I’m not well-versed in the finer points of the climate change argument, however, I sometimes wonder why we are not taking the effects of HAARP into account. I read somewhere that the HAARP array super-heats an area of the atmosphere. The temperatures reached were pretty high – upwards of 18-million of degrees. If that is correct, where is that super-heated air going? If there are more than a dozen HAARP arrays around the world and they are being used on a regular basis, it seems to me that we have a much bigger source of heat being pumped into our world than the government would like to admit. In addition, many of the HAARP arrays are located near the Arctic and are being used to study the aurora borealis, which is concentrated near the North Pole. So…who is really to blame for the melting of Arctic ice?


  • WOW!!!! I finally had time to click on the link and watch the 31-minute video. It’s a mind-blower, and very well done. There are a lot of issues out there…political corruption, Monsanto, financial difficulty, cancer and other health issues, schools, roads, you name it. But Geoengineering is really at the top of the list. All the rest is irrelevant if we don’t do something about this one element of destruction. Thanks SO much, Yvonne, for sharing this.

    Penny Kelly
  • These are good questions. For more information on HAARP, please check out Geoengineering Watch – http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-most-important-topic-of-our-time/

    Yvonne Nachtigal

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