Ch. 1, America—Breeding Ground for Psychopaths?

“It is 10:30 a.m. in central Florida. Beads of sweat drip from the foreheads of tourists waiting in long, winding lines at Disneyworld for an exciting ride on the Submarine Nautilus. Less than 10 miles away, 9-year-old Jeffery Bailey Jr. is also waiting. He is waiting for his young companion to die. After making sure that no one else is around, Jeffery has pushed 3-year-old Ricardo “Nicki” Brown into the deep end of a motel pool. He knows the younger child cannot swim and is afraid of the water. “It is taking Nicki a long time to die. Jeffery gets tired of standing, so he pulls up a lawn chair to the edge of the pool. He wants a better view of how someone drowns. Jeffery stays by the pool until Nicki sinks to the bottom, lifeless. Then he puts on his shoes and shirt and saunters toward home. “A short time later he asks another neighborhood child what the “icky white stuff” is that comes out of someone’s nose when they’re drowning. He doesn’t mention that Nicki is at this moment lying at the bottom of a pool. “Nicki’s body is recovered from the pool at 6:40 p.m. by the police. Later, after neighborhood children have told Jeffery’s mother about the drowning, the youngster tells his mother about the “accident.” (Kissimmee Police Department, June 3, 1986) Police officer Beth Peturka who investigated the case says she found Jeffery “kind of nonchalant, like he was enjoying all the attention.” On June 3, 1986, the State of Florida charges 9-year-old Jeffery with murder.”   —from  High Risk – Children Without a Conscience by Dr. Ken Magid and Carole A. McKelvey I knew there was corruption, but I didn’t know how ugly, and I can’t help thinking about those lost children. How many parents and families put out photos of their missing babies, searching, hoping, but never seeing them again? What sort of agony must they be going through as they wonder, ‘Was it my little one among those who fell into the hands of the Clintons?’ I did not get much sleep last night. I would wake, weep, and then go back into a very restless state of half asleep, half awake. Few things get to me the way the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her team of psychopaths has. When something upsets me, I usually go inside to work on myself until I arrive at a new balance point and in the process, I learn something useful about life.  It is not often that I allow myself to get vividly angry. The definition of a psychopath is one who is not bonded to anyone else, and is superficially very charming then suddenly explosively enraged. Someone with psychopathic characteristics is cruel, controlling, remorseless, tends to be impulsive without relying on common sense, and is given to primary process lying (which is continuing to lie even when it is blatantly obvious that they are not telling the truth). They are often very smooth and manage to project exactly what they are doing onto others, thus shifting the blame and responsibility to everyone but themselves. We have a government of pathological control-freaks and psychopaths. I’m sure that I will be able to find that elusive balance point eventually, maybe when I am done grieving, but for right now... in spite of the fact that I keep trying to tell myself that maybe the reports coming out about the Clintons are not true…I’m so angry, so sad... for us, for those who have been raped, murdered, or defrauded…for the people of our country…for the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries invaded and destroyed by our crazies…for our future…and for the way the Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller/Soros machine just keeps marching ahead, media in hand, as if nothing has happened…as if we are going to fall in line as we usually do. How pathetic and stupid of them. I'm so ashamed of what passes for "government" here in the U.S. and for the way the rest of the world must be looking at us. I worry, if I am so deeply angry about this, what are other people feeling? Three hundred million angry people would be a lot of anger. What are we going to do with all that anger? Anger is change energy that has not been allowed to go anywhere. How do we channel that energy into something better than what we’ve had for the last few decades?


  • Hi Penny, love most of your material, but not so much these conspiracy theories. Just read on Wikipedia where these sourced from. They seemed to start during the Trump/Hillary election, and because of social media and the tendency for us to believe things that support our position, it travelled far and fast. It seemed to be a method for winning an election, using propaganda. So you quoted something. Could you source your quote? If the owner of the pizza restaurant in DC denied any of that activity and even got one of the conspiracy reporters to apologize, would you question your belief in this? You are spreading the image of Hillary as connected with this sex-trafficking but please include sources when you do this.

  • I definitely feel the anger growing. I wonder, however, why you focus the anger on Clinton and not Trump?

    Julian Lauzzana
  • My heart aches when I think of the suffering of the children of Earth and it is easy to become angry…very, very angry. Standing in that heartache and anger but not being of it is difficult to do, but it is important to stand in it and while in it, meditate on and muster up all of God’s Love and His Light from within us and ripple effect it out onto all on this planet and beyond. That’s what comes to mind when I think of how to deal with such monstrosities. Always be still. The children need us now more than ever,

  • What would it look like if we stopped giving so much attention to the psychopats and that we do not want? By criticising it, watching it, discussing it in disbilief, we dedicate it energy and feed it.


    Hana Hrstkova
  • We’re with you on this one, Penny. Steve and I have been following all of this very closely and are finding that no one really wants to hear it. I knew early on that on a level of karma I could not cast a vote for Hillary. A vote for her would incur a karmic debt I am not willing to take on.
    Trump was not even a whisper of an option. We voted early for Jill Stein and have clear consciences.


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