I was traveling with my daughter this past week and mentioned something about the Bilderbergs. Her response: "What are Bilderbergs? Sounds like some kind of Lego toy." Not only had she never heard of them, she perceived their name as sounding like a toy. I thought this was hilarious and had to share.


  • Too funny, Linda! The description of “imaginary beasts” might be even more hilarious!!

    Penny Kelly
  • Ha! I didn’t know what they were either. Thought they were one of Luna Lovegood’s imaginary beasts from the Harry Potter series. :-)

    Linda Hedquist
  • Hi, Penny, Thank you for your very interesting posts! Are you familiar with Tom Kenyon and his work with the Hathors? His web site is I decided to read all the downloads from the Hathors (including their music) beginning with the oldest at the bottom of the list. The information is very informative (you may already know all of what they are talking about, but I didn’t!). Enjoy! Be well, and please continue your good work! Ruth Donovan

    Ruth Donovan
  • Is it energized people running around in the city building and creating new bergs outside the city for people to live? Im still scrambling through your stuff trying to find out what is
    … .bilderberg.. I’ll google it, look it up on my wiz-bang machine. Hahaha

    Dawn Simmons

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