12 Wishes for Christmas - #10

#10 - May we move past the limitations of religion and into true spirituality, which is the development of the spirit of your true self. Whether you hold a spirit of adventure, inventiveness, nesting, healing, building, baking, designing, study, or whatever, let it fire your passion then follow it. This is what leads to true spirituality... and it will be unique to you.


  • I like this one. True spirituality exists in a timeless space. Developing those things that we can do/be forever. Sigh.

    Yvonne Chireau
  • I like the way you say that, Yvonne: True spirituality exists in a timeless space. Yes! And I also deeply feel that “sigh” for what we can do or be forever…how I wish we all had more time and permission to develop the eternal version of the self…

    Penny Kelly

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