The Evolving Human (EBOOK)

The Evolving Human (EBOOK)

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The Evolving Human - A Story of Awakening Kundalini is Penny Kelly's riveting story of what happens to consciousness, perception, and personal reality following a full, spontaneous awakening of kundalini, known in Eastern religions as "the awakening of consciousness."

"First there was a distinct rumbling sound, then a roaring explosion, followed by a brilliant flash of light. I felt as though my body was turning inside out, ejecting me in the process. The explosion of light pulsed like a freight train up the center front of me, hit my brain, and kept right on going, carrying me into what looked like the depths of outer space..."

If you are interested in what happens to consciousness as humans move into higher consciousness, and what sorts of gifts accompany the awakening, this book will be an eye-opener and an education into the expanded potentials of consciousness, perception, cognition, and intelligence.

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