Plasma, Consciousness, and The Nature of Reality

Plasma, Consciousness, and The Nature of Reality

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For those interested in...

  • developing and expanding their consciousness
  • understanding the changes that are upon us
  • creating a new life for yourself 
  • or contributing in any way to helping shape a new world

this class is a must. If you do not understand the basis of the new science, then everything coming at you will be relegated to the category of "woo-woo" or dismissed as impossible. 

The concepts introduced in this course are nothing short of paradigm changing and have been known and studied for over a hundred years, but few people outside of the scientific world understand the language or concepts that are used to write about these discoveries, and few scientists have had enough interest in or experience with consciousness to grasp the convergence of science and consciousness that is taking place.  The result is that it has been difficult to put the whole picture together, and thus we struggle on with the severe limitations of quantum theory, string theory, and the old principles of Einstein. We know that matter and energy are two sides of one coin, but until now we have not been able to say just how that conversion takes places and what holds the matter together or what makes it dissolve back into energy.

Once you understand how you are made, what consciousness is, and the nature of reality, the doors of perception will open and you will find yourself looking at possibilities you never thought possible. All three parts - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 - will take slightly less than 1 hour to watch. This one hour will form the foundation of the understanding and the potentials that are the basis of the new human and the new world that human will inhabit.