Intuition 5: Past Lives, Future Lives - October 2021

Intuition 5: Past Lives, Future Lives - October 2021

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DATE:  22, 23 & 24 October

DAYS:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday

TIME: 2:00 to 6:00 pm EDT* (New-York time zone)

PLACE:  Online via Zoom (links will be sent prior to class)

PREREQUISITES:  Intuition 1, 2, 3 & 4. 

In some ways this is one of the more challenging of the Intuition classes and focuses on an exploration of past lives, as well as discussions of space, time, and what different cultures offer to the developing consciousness. We must understand the nature of space and time if we want to understand the structure of the psyche – and understanding the psyche is key to grasping the true nature of the Self.

We are multi-dimensional beings with many life experiences in different times and places. A better understanding of life and existence is necessary if you wish to understand how change occurs along with an understanding of healing, miracles, and the finer points of creating a life you would love to live.

In this class we look at our own past lives, practice seeing past lives for other people, moving into the future to further develop clairvoyance while also getting a look at what is coming into your life, and other key information. The result is a new view of yourself and a new approach to putting your life together. Join us for a life-changing experience!


[NOTE: A couple of days before the class, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom links to join the online class and any instructions or preparation to complete beforehand. Not every class has pre-homework.]

* EDT time = New York Time zone

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