Intuition 1: The Brain and the Gift of Consciousness - March 2022

$350.00 USD

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This Online class will open for registration on Friday, 11 February 2022 @6pm EST (= NY time zone)


DATE:  11, 12 & 13 March 2022

DAYS:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday

TIME: 2:00 to 6:00 pm EDT (New-York time zone)

PLACE:  Online (via Zoom app)

COST: $350.00 USD 



1. A few days before the class, you'll receive an email with Zoom links as well as further information about the Webinar. Some classes may also have homework.

2. Registration is for 1 space in the class. If other members of your family or friends want to attend they must also register.

3. Participants often miss a few hours or a full day over the course of the online class due to other personal commitments. All participants will have access to the Recordings which will be sent via email so you can review the content you have missed. 

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In order to develop and use intuition, you have to know how to use your equipment - the brain. Unlike anything you may have experienced before, this class introduces you to your own brain, its structure and function, the frequencies of consciousness, your many levels of perception, and how we shift among these levels as we go through the day.

If you have had intuitive insights, moments of clairvoyance when you see a bit of the future, or a moment of unexplained "knowing," this class will open the door to understanding those experiences as well as a great deal about the reality we live in and how it is created.

You will come away with a good grasp of intuitive experience as well as several practices that will further your skill in using intuition. You will deepen your understanding of the nature of perception, as well as how your brain works to present you with information that you can use in your everyday life and also be prepared for what is coming your way. All together, these form an excellent foundation for expanding your consciousness and unfolding your potential. Join us for a fun and fascinating journey into the world of consciousness and intuition. It will change your life!