This first series of podcasts might best be called the "kitchen table conversations in January 2016 at Lily Hill Farm." Or perhaps the "Pat, Carol, Penny conversations." After classes, the three of us - Pat Roach, Carol Iverson, and I (Penny Kelly) - would gather in the café to chat. Topics ranged all over the place...kundalini, spirituality, healing, the evolution of consciousness, inner authority, relationships, and everything to do with intuition, metaphysics, and related subjects. Pat - a spiritual teacher from Rochester MI, and Carol - a massage therapist and Yoga teacher, would ask awesome questions, and we would gab on for hours. After a year or so, one of them remarked that we ought to record the conversations...so we did! These recordings are not polished or edited to make them fancy or more commercial-sounding. They are plain and simple with all of the interruptions, ups, downs, and flaws of normal conversation. I did break the original recording into smaller bits, but that is the only editing they've had. It took me so long to get this website up and running, that in listening to them as I worked with them, there were already lots of places I would add or modify what I said...such is the nature of our dynamic reality!! Hope you enjoy and get something out of them.

#1 - Our potential as humans, steps in a yoga meditation, healing my cow and Nelly, using breath (6.30.2017) (10:51 min)

#2 - Ability to heal, communication with all things, ethics, children, love, Tree of Life, mind/space, consciousness/energy, particles, patterns (7.7.2017)  (12:37 min)
#3 - Kundalini, Source, managing spiritual awakening, rumbling/roaring, heat, panic, demons, the ego and the individual, religious rules, power (7.14.2017) (12:16 min)
#4 - Generating love, David Hawkins, individual paths, ethics, power, development is messy, full maturity, responsibility, power vs. control, love, working on the self (7.21.2017) (16:08 min)
#5 - Trying on responses, timing, old religious frameworks, steps on the path to awakening, platitudes, "Upon this rock...!" the Great Satan, masters, slaves, inner authority, being humble, we need one another (7.28.2017)  (10:57 min)
#6 - Every relationship is a teacher, looking at the self, what's embedded, role models, language, planting ethical seeds (8.4.2017)  (8:23 min)
#7 - Getting enough energy to transform yourself, food, soil, consciousness, minerals, physical structure, dangers of kundalini  (8.11.2017)  (9:40 min)
#8 - Science, the awakening process, sanity, hydrogen & evolution, Dr. Levengood & I (10:41 min)  (8.18.2017) 
#9 – Super-beings, generating light, Tree of Life and chakras, perception, communication with animals & plants, Alvey, doorways to other dimensions (8.18.2017)  (11:05 min)