Kelly Clements - Legal Nurse Consulting


When Kelly graduated from nursing school 24 years ago, she had a dream - to become a surgical nurse specializing in cardiac surgery. She wanted to be so good at this that doctors would request her assistance in the surgical room. To get where she wanted to go, she mapped out a 5-year plan. First she was going to get experience in public health (a clinic), then acquire lots of experience with drugs (a nursing home), then work in a hospital on one of the floors where she had to take care of people coming out of surgery (orthopedics, obstetrics, and cardiac). Her next step was to work as a visiting nurse (Visiting Nurses Association) so she could learn what kind of issues and support surgical patients needed once they returned at home. When these goals had been met, she planned to apply for a job in the Operating Room of a major hospital and work her way to cardiac surgery. 

The amazing thing is that she managed to do ALL of this, adding expertise in robotic surgery, eventually becoming manager of the entire OR. Kelly then went on to become a traveling nurse so she could see what was being done in various areas of the country, and  Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, able to work with those engaged in legal issues with the medical field.

All of this coupled with some practical experience in natural healing, nutrition, and detox, has given her a rich background that she is now bringing to her work as a Nurse Consultant. 

If you would like to talk to someone who has extensive experience in today's medical system, Kelly is available as a consultant for:

  1. General health issues, what you should know, and how to rebuild yourself and your health.
  2. Questions regarding what to expect, or how to prepare for and recover from various surgeries you might be contemplating.
  3. Questions regarding standard procedures that should have been followed in surgeries and hospital care. 
  4. How to use detox procedures to help restore health.
  5. How to think about food, exercise, supplements, and lifestyles that promote good energy, high immune function, and health.
  6. Many other areas related to health and healing. 

Her consulting rate for individuals is $175/hour and $250/hour for Legal Nurse Consultant. Her contact information is:

Send her an email if you want to have a hand in your health, your medical future, or if you have a lawsuit pending and need a Legal Nurse Consultant.