Developing Intuition and The Gifts of Consciousness 1-7.

A series of seven workshops that focus on the personal development of consciousness, getting on your path, learning how to develop and use intuition. A small taste of topics covered: brain structure and function, frequencies of consciousness, clairvoyance, dreams, clairvoyant diagnosis, stress and consciousness, OBE experience, emotions, healing, sex, thought patterns, personal power, habits of consciousness, Christ consciousness, other dimensions of life, communicating with plants and animals, precognition, and other subjects that involve consciousness. Cost for each workshop is $325 and classes are limited to 10 people. 

The next class on the schedule is Intuition 1 on Friday-Sunday, September 21-23, 2018 here at Lily Hill Farm, so let me know if you're interested and I'll put you on the list! 


Getting Well Again, Naturally

A 2-day workshop that focuses on how to put together a natural healing program that will help you get well and stay well. This course is loaded with information needed as the basis for correcting any health issue, including and especially the catastrophic diseases. You will come away with a personal healing plan, as well as a clear understanding of the connection between health and higher consciousness. Cost is $350 per person, and the course is usually scheduled the first week in December, tentatively Dec. 8-9 this year.


Dreams – The Pool of Creation

For those interested in dreams, this is a 2-day course that covers sleep, dreams, how to understand them, and how we participate in other dimensions of existence but call it ‘dreaming.’ You will explore other dimensions of life and existence, and will come away with an understanding of how dreams are created, how they interface with reality, a new perspective of what you are doing with your consciousness, and an exploration of the world on ‘the other side’, which is another pool of creation. Cost is $375 per person and the course is often held in early May at Lily Hill Farm. Sign up and put your name on the list early because the class is limited to 9 people and includes your room for two nights and breakfast & lunch both days. We usually go out for dinner!