Classes with Penny Kelly


Developing Intuition and The Gifts of Consciousness  

The Intuition classes are a series of seven workshops that focus on the development of consciousness, getting on your path, learning how to develop and use intuition. A small taste of topics covered: brain structure and function, frequencies of consciousness, clairvoyance, dreams, clairvoyant diagnosis, stress and consciousness, OBE experience, emotions, healing, sex, thought patterns, personal power, habits of consciousness, Christ consciousness, other dimensions of life, communicating with plants and animals, precognition, and other subjects that involve consciousness. Cost for each workshop is $350 and classes are limited to 10 people. 

Intuition 1 - Brain Structure and It's Amazing Functions 

Here is the link to sign up for the Intuition 1 course:


This link will take you to where you can watch all of the lectures, go through the homework, and download the documents. You will also receive an invitation to attend one of the weekend conversations. Thank you for your interest in expanding consciousness!


Here is a brief description of the Intuition 1 class...

Although many people are not sure whether intuition is "real," this is because they do not know how consciousness works, or when and how to use it. This class introduces you to the various forms of intelligence, brain structure and function, the frequencies of consciousness, the levels of perception, how we shift among these levels in the wide spectrum of consciousness, and much more.

If you have had intuitive insights or a moment of clairvoyance when you saw something in the future or heard a voice out of the blue... if you have ever had a moment of unexplained “knowing” or experienced a frightening vision, had an out-of-body experience, or found yourself waking up from a dream when you thought you were already awake, this class will open the door to understanding those experiences as well as a great deal more about the reality system we live in.

The course consists of documents to download and print, lectures to watch or listen to, experiential exercises, some reading, some homework, and a weekend webinar conversation that runs for two hours each day, usually the first weekend of the month. This will allow you to ask questions that may have come up while you were watching and listening to the lectures. I have also found that students learn a LOT from one another's questions and perspectives, as well as take comfort and find support for the journey into consciousness.

Once you have watched the lectures and completed the homework, you are ready to sign up for the weekend conversation with a small group of fellow students. You can choose any of the weekend conversations or even split the weekend, doing a Saturday one month and a Sunday the next month. We will be using the Zoom platform, which is wonderful!

You will come away with a grasp of the basics of all intuitive experience, an understanding of the nature of perception, and a deeper understanding of yourself within the reality. You will also have created an excellent foundation for expanding your own consciousness and some actual experience in beginning that process. We are designed to evolve into wisdom and power. Sign up now to begin the journey into yourself and the unfolding of consciousness!   

Getting Well Again, Naturally                                            

This workshop focuses on how to put together a natural healing program that will help you get well and stay well. The course is loaded with information needed as the basis for correcting any health issue and rebuilding yourself, including and especially the catastrophic diseases. You will come away with a personal healing plan, as well as a clear understanding of the connection between health and higher consciousness. Cost is $350 per person, and the course is usually scheduled the first week in December, which will be Dec. 7-8, 2019. (Note: this course is not yet uploaded to so send us an email to hold your place -

Dreams – The Pool of Creation                                   

For those interested in dreams, this is a 2-day online course that covers sleep and dreams, how to understand dreams, and how we participate in other dimensions of existence. You will come away with a whole new understanding of the nature of reality, how dreams are created, how they interface with everyday reality, a new perspective of what you are doing with your consciousness, and an exploration of the world on ‘the other side’, which is another pool of creation. Cost is $350 per person and the next course will be Friday-Sunday, Nov. 1-3, 2019. Sign up early because the class is limited to 9 people.  (Note: this course is not yet uploaded to so send us an email to hold your place -


Coming Soon - Intuition 2 - Using Second Sight and Organic Gardening