Intuition 6: Multi-dimensional Existence and The End of Time - December 2021

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DATE:  10, 11 & 12 December 2021

DAYS:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday

TIME: 2:00 to 6:00 pm EST (New-York time zone)

PREREQUISITES:  Intuition 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

PLACE:  Online via Zoom


1. A few days before the class, you'll receive an email with Zoom links as well as further information about the class. Some classes may also have homework.

2. Registration is for 1 space in the class. If other members of your family or friends want to attend they must also register.

3. Participants often miss a few hours or a full day over the course of the classes due to other personal commitments. All participants will have access to the recordings which will be sent via email so you can review the content you have missed. 

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CLASS DESCRIPTION: In looking at the world around us, it becomes evident that day-to-day living demands a certain amount of power not only to see what is actually going on, but to navigate wisely and well. We all have a need for tools and resources that will help us make physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual decisions that enrich everything from our health and relationships to our wealth and productivity, not to mention our happiness. Some of those tools and perspectives have been lost, and yet they can be regained.

Intuition 5 is a fascinating and challenging class that takes a broad look at multi-dimensional existence and everything from spirit guides, channeling, and reincarnation to communication with plants, animals, your cells, and even other-dimensional beings. The goal in this class is to expand the range of your consciousness and work with it in ways that will give you some useful experience and capabilities that are not generally taught or understood. We also begin a preliminary examination of power and what personal power consists of. 

All of the above leads to an intense shift in the way you experience yourself and what you can do with consciousness, while expanding your consciousness toolbox, your resources, and freedoms. The result is an intensely different view of the nature of reality and your role as a participant in it. Join us and find new aspects of yourself that you didn’t have before!