DREAMS - The Pool of Creation   (Intuition 2)

DREAMS - The Pool of Creation (Intuition 2)

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The Intuition 2 online class, Dreams - The Pool of Creation is now open for registration. Class dates are Fri-Sat-Sun, March 27-29, 2020.

This course takes you deep into the world of consciousness and dreams. Learning to track your dreams and decipher them expands your consciousness dramatically, gives you access to the future, and allows you into the inner world of the self.

A partial list of what we cover:

  • Why do we dream?
  • What do dreams mean?
  • What is the Language of Energy?
  • How do I connect with the intuitive side of my Self?
  • How can I expand my consciousness?
  • What is the relationship between my ordinary life and my dream life?

This class takes you a little deeper into the mechanisms of consciousness and gives you tools you can use for a lifetime to better understand your life, your relationships, and the world around you. This will help transform your life and create lasting change.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email from which you can download a set of Zoom links to join the class, a set of tasks to complete before the class, and some things to have on hand during the class.

Here is the schedule: (all times Eastern time)

Friday, March 27 from 6:00-8:30 PM - Introductions, Discussion - What is Dreaming? Types of Dreams; Review of Levels of Consciousness; Q & A, Overnight homework.

Saturday, March 28 from 12 noon-5:00 PM - Analyzing Dreams - review results of overnight homework; Symbol Library revisited; Dreaming on Demand; Exercise #1 - Daydreams; Exercise #2 - Nap Dreams; Exercise #3 - Guided Dreams; Q & A.

Sunday, March 29 from 12 noon-5:00 PM - The Language of Energy; Exercise #4 - Analysis of "12 Scenes From a Day in Your Life"; Q & A, Closing.

Hope you can join us!