Intuition 4: Past Lives and Multi-dimensional Existence

Intuition 4: Past Lives and Multi-dimensional Existence

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DATE:  July 10-11-12, 2020

TIME:  Fri - 6:00-8:00PM  and  Sat & Sun - 12 noon-5:00PM - all times EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME

PLACE:  Online

PREREQUISITES:  Intuition 1, 2, AND 3

In some ways the most challenging of the Intuition classes, this is an exploration and discussion of space, time, past lives, and multi-dimensional existence. Understanding the nature of space and time is necessary if you want to understand the structure of the psyche - which is key to grasping the true nature of the Self. We are multi-dimensional beings with many life experiences in many different times and place. Understanding multi-dimensional existence is necessary if you wish to understand change, healing, miracles, and the finer points of how to create a life you would love to live. In this class we take a good look at everything from spirit guides, channeling, and reincarnation to communication with plants, animals, and Others. The result is an intensely different view of the nature of reality and an entirely new approach to putting yourself and your life together. Join us for a life-changing experience!