Two Warning Dreams

I had a dream on Jan. 18th that was very disturbing. In the dream, I had traveled to the northwest and was in the Seattle area or perhaps British Columbia or Alaska. I rode in a car with my host through a beautiful city that reminded me of St. Clair, MI.

We drove up a mountain or very tall hill to the place where I was going to stay, a very nice retreat and teaching center. Once in my room, I started unpacking and getting settled. I happened to look out the window to the south and noticed a lake down the mountain. I was surprised because I hadn’t seen it when driving up the mountain.

I continued to unpack and, a few minutes, later happened to glance out the window toward the lake. There were big waves with whitecaps on the water. I had the thought that the wind must be blowing quite hard for there to be 2-3 ft. whitecaps on the lake. As I watched, the waves began to splash out of the lake and across the landscape, slowly flooding neighborhoods and streets.

In dismay, I looked out the window to the west. Again I was surprised, for I could see the Pacific Ocean in the distance and hadn’t realized we were that close to the ocean. There were big waves on the ocean as well and they quickly became huge, towering black waves that were 50 ft. and then 100 ft. high and that came crashing onto the land.

In shock, I looked back toward the window to the south and saw that the water from the lake was now coming up the mountain. I froze. I had the thought, “I need to get out of here…I should never have gone traveling at a time like this. Here I am in an unfamiliar place, no car, no knowledge of the back roads by which I could escape…I need to get out of here!”

As my situation sunk in, I began to panic. I ran outside and down the driveway, thinking I would run back down the road by which we had driven up the mountain, but the water had already flooded the road and was 6 ft. or more deep.

Worse, the Pacific Ocean had moved inland and was now only about 50 ft. away from the retreat center. Cars, trucks, buses, and boats, were caught in the water, some were driving on the water and some were driving underwater. Buses were bobbing along as if they were boats, there were people on bicycles racing through the water, people were running, swimming, everyone trying to get to higher ground. I realized it was too late and we were doomed. I woke in full panic.

A few days later, I received an email from a woman I know and have worked with in the past on some very intense projects requiring a powerful and focused consciousness. She had a dream about the same time I did.

This was her dream…

I was in a short hallway that intersected another hallway perpendicularly, with glass walls and glass doors.  Some other young women also sat evenly spaced along the walls of the hallways, on the floor.  I think I was the only one in my little section of the hallway (the short "stem" of the T shape) that branched off from the main hallway (the "crossbar" of the T).  Behind me was a set of glass doors. We were all wrapped in quilts, sitting cross-legged or huddled with knees pulled up. We seemed to be waiting. The glass walls and doors were like those in a laboratory or hospital.

I sat with my knees pulled up, arms around knees with my quilt up around my ears.

A crash of smashing glass next to me caused me to whip my head to the right. I caught a glimpse – in perfect focus – of a long white tube hurtling up the hallway through the broken glass in the door.  It was maybe 2 -3 feet long, shiny surface, dark blue nose on the front end. In that instant I thought someone had thrown a rolled-up window shade through the glass door. 

It boomed into the wall with a deafening metallic crash. I saw the girls in front of me looking all around, wondering what had happened. A moment later I was stunned to see the girl in front of me slump over dead.  Someone shouted, "Here comes the shock wave!" I realized it was a bomb. 

Because I was in the other part of the hallway, and my ears were already covered by my quilt, I was not killed by the shock wave.

Quickly I put my head between my knees, covered my whole head with the quilt, and began telling my brain and body "You can survive this. Stay strong and cohesive. Remain organized and coherent. Keep the life force flowing. You can survive."  I felt my brain struggle against weird waves.

Next thing I knew, I was lying on a hospital table. I began to tell the doctor what the bomb looked like, and he was astonished to see that I was alive. That surprised me, as I didn’t notice any pain, so I figured I must have been injured. ==================   AWOKE

When I awoke, my actual brain and body felt peppery and hot and short-circuiting. It felt grainy and itchy.  I realized that my body was responding to the dream as if it had happened. I began talking to my brain and body in earnest, saying "This did not happen in this dimension. It happened in a dream, not in physical reality. Shrug off that holographic programming. Fill up with health and love. Be strong and coherent."   I've struggled with feeling depressed and irritable over the two days since.

When we analyze these two dreams, we find they are saying the same thing.

In the first dream, water is the universal symbol of emotion, and the towering waves on the Pacific Ocean – pacific means peaceful – indicate that huge emotions have been stirred up that severely disturb the peace. Waves also carry information and this suggests that some information causes huge emotions that cannot be ignored or navigated. The color black of the waves indicates deep, murderous anger, and the flooding that reaches almost to the top of the mountain indicates that almost everything is affected by this. The people trying to get to higher ground symbolize the effort to exonerate the self from any blame, and to examine consciousness to see how they played into the situation, as well as people trying to figure out what has to be different to get above and beyond the repeat of such a situation in the future.

In the second dream, the girls (immature women) with the quilts wrapped around them (quilts are coverings used when sleeping, as in ‘not awake’) are sitting in a T-shaped hallway (a T indicates an intersection in which the road/hall ends and one must turn either left or right) made of glass walls and doors (glass indicates transparency) when a shiny, white tube with a dark blue nose and resembling a rolled up window shade comes crashing through the glass door. The white tube is suggestive of both something sexual as well as of the white mailing tubes used to send large documents containing specialized information through the mail. The dark blue nose indicates that someone knows (nose) something dark that causes the blues (depressing information). Blue is also a color used to indicate non-traditional sexual attitudes and practices. The rolled-up window shade says that something shady has been rolled up, or that everyone can now see through the window at what was hidden previously.

The bomb indicates something that can blow things apart, and the shock wave says that there will be something shocking enough to kill people (the girls wrapped in quilts begin to die). The fact that the woman having the dream begins to struggle with her brain says that she may have difficulty getting her mind around what is happening. Once she is awake, she tries to tell herself that something is not real and could not have happened in this reality. Her body, however, is telling her that something real has happened and has affected her deeply.

These two dreams provide a warning that something disturbing is coming toward us, is fairly close now, and is going to trigger huge emotions that completely engulf us. Some people may be so adversely affected that they may die, and at the very least something is going to disrupt a lot of lives. I am concerned for us and hope that those of you who have even an ounce of consciousness development will help those around you to navigate and process whatever is happening, without abandoning your own emotions.


  • The most obvious interpretation to me would be that of the impending disclosure and arrest of high profile pedophiles and the exposure of the child sex trafficking network that is suppose to leave no area of government, media, and “the church” untouched. This also leading to a large network of satan worshiping celebrities that will unhinge the masses. From an emotional shockwave viewpoint, this would seem most likely, IMO. Love, Light, and Blessings to all.

  • I actually live in the Pacific Northwest (near Ashland, Oregon) and visit my daughter in the San Juan Islands of NW Washington state two or three times a year.

    I love to ride my bike there. I was riding on a little island called Guemes, when I “saw” huge waves of water from the Strait rushing up the road towards me. This was a vision, not “reality”.

    My first thought was that this was a premonition. If you have ever been to the PNW, you know that conscious evolution is a priority for many people here (including myself) and it would be a tragedy to wipe out so many consciously evolving humans. But then I wondered, is there some effort on the part of “dark forces” to make this happen… a kind of “attack”??

    I love the San Juan Islands, Skagit Valley, Vancouver BC and all of NW Washington! I hope we can avoid such a serious catastrophe here :-O

    PS – I was born in Detroit, Michigan and went to school in Ann Arbor :-) Lived in Manchester for three years as well, which I loved!

    Ilana Moss
  • Have you heard about the Event? It is a powerful wave of energy coming to the Earth that will totally transform everyone. It is said to relax and welcome this intense energy, so let go of fear. Look for utube videos about it.

  • Strikes me (pardon the pun) the dreams are about nuclear strikes/war coming soon-

    Kay Cambron
  • Evolution of our planet and it’s inhabitants continues moment to moment. We do not know more than this moment to moment experience, but we can be assured change is inevitable. I have for many years seen our Sun as an agent of change as is our Mother Earth. We know energy and frequency are the building blocks of our bodies, the earth’s body, the sun’s body and all that is, on this plane of existence. We know love holds the highest frequency and love in motion contains the highest energy. What ever energetic changes may occur through and by our Sun or our Earth Mother, if we can embrace the change; be open, quell our fear, so the energy can pass through us and change us in evolutionary ways for the benefit of all. Wisdom suggest we take steps to be ready for what ever physical changes may appear. Purely energetic changes are best experienced with openness, faith and a hope for more love nor less.

    suzy newman

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