Letters To Earth

Live Interview Tonight on OM Times Radio at 7PM EST!!

Join us tonight for a live interview! I will be talking with Sandi Sedgbeer of OM Times Radio about all things 'consciousness.' http://omtimes.com/iom/2017/02/kundalini-consciousness-energy-coming-changes-penny-kelly/  


Someone sent me an article about Sasquatch and asked me to read it and let them know what I thought of it. I read it and thought it was a perfect example of the problem with so much “new age” media. So I decided to respond to it on my blog as well as to the individual who sent it. The article was...

Waking Up & Correcting Corruption

It seems it has taken forever for people to wake up to the fact that our freedoms are being stolen in a very sneaky way, but we are finally awake. In every corner and quarter of life, people are organizing and using the laws and court system to fight back. At the moment, there are pitched battles...