Letters To Earth

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with the warmth of family...and may you relax in the knowing that some of that warmth comes from the ever-present friction that is natural in all families, for this is what causes us to grow and change at the core.

12 Wishes for Christmas - #12

#12 - May this Christmas bring us truly new lives in which we remember how to sing and dance. Under every tree may we find treasures of hard-earned insight and wisdom. May we celebrate our age and good health, and may our stockings be filled with possibility and sass!

12 Wishes for Christmas - #11

#11 - May an expansion of consciousness free us all from illusions of grandeur, control, and unnatural majesty. May we learn to recognize when the king has no clothes... when the grandeur is false, the control is constricting, and the majesty is a foolish waste... and realize that we seek only to...

12 Wishes for Christmas - #10

#10 - May we move past the limitations of religion and into true spirituality, which is the development of the spirit of your true self. Whether you hold a spirit of adventure, inventiveness, nesting, healing, building, baking, designing, study, or whatever, let it fire your passion then follow i...

12 Wishes for Christmas - #9

#9 - May men and women figure out the framework of the new relationships of the future that balance commitment, freedom, integrity, respect, and the need to continue developing one’s consciousness. The object of a relationship is not to preserve the relationship, it is to be mirrors for one anoth...

12 Wishes for Christmas - #8

#8 - May we awaken from the political hypnosis of thinking the government makes all the decisions. At some point we need to embrace our own inner authority. May we do so freely, quietly, joyously, and with an attitude of immovable steadiness.

12 Wishes for Christmas - #6

#6 - May we recognize that we cannot build a good life or a sustainable civilization on a base of debt and destruction. Nor can we have endless growth...only endless change.

12 Wishes for Christmas - #5

#5 - May the people of Earth reconnect with that Earth and re-establish communication with all the intelligences of nature. May we remember that when we hear the words, "We are all in this together," that it includes the trees, the chickens, the roses, the sun, the wind, the houses, the deer, the...

12 Wishes for Christmas - #4

#4 - May we begin to see that there are other ways to organize a reality system besides giving ownership of all the resources to a few power mongers, and may this lead us to make money our servant, reversing the awfulness of being a slave to money.

12 Wishes for Christmas - #3

#3 - May we demonstrate to the young ones who are growing up and coming of age what courage looks like, what integrity sounds like, what humility feels like, and what wisdom does in the world so that they can make good decisions when it is their turn to run things. 

12 Wishes for Christmas - #2

#2 - May we embrace the truth…and remember that truth is “what is” for each of us. There is no absolute truth other than Source. It is from Source that we get our freedom to see the world the way we want to see it.

12 Wishes for Christmas - #1

#1 - May changes flower from dozens of small buds of potential within each of us and may these changes bring us into harmony, curiosity, and hunger for truth.