Little Visions from Oct. 23

I was cleaning my office - a holiday ritual - and found a paper on which I'd jotted a few quick visions that came during a moment when I was bored and decided to look ahead. I targeted three dates as shown below...thought I'd share them...

Oct. 23, 2018

  • People gathered in a park, marching, protests, serious
  • A cloud, the kind that arises after a bomb explodes, not an atomic bomb
  • Confusion in many people trying to sort out QAnon, the mainstream news, current events, etc.
  • Cloudy, windy, sun comes out for a minute!
  • Nate preparing to leave for a new job
  • Police sirens

 Nov. 1-2, 2018

  • Blue lights in the night sky – lasers?
  • A cave or caves is in the news
  • Someone’s hands folded, as if in a casket – Bush, Sr.?
  • Poison, anger vengeance
  • Mountains, a lodge, someone hiding comes to light
  • Switzerland, a white wall, a glass with whiskey in it, an interrupted drink, as if because of some disturbing news

 Nov. 14, 2018

  • Ticking, as in a timer or tension across the land
  • “Will it work?” as if asking, “Will the mid-term election results work to settle people down?”
  • Priests, pedophile operations in the news
  • Hillary Clinton caught in a spiderweb and trying to get out of it
  • Financial – the Last Hurrah!! is happening
  • High military person dies or is let go
  • Globalist arguments for social action bring struggle everywhere to the forefront, as if people finally understanding what it means
  • Venezuela important


  • Did you see the Redpill78 christmas 2018 news. Obama and Clintons sold nukes to the Iranians. Thanks for telling your listeners about the 4 internet sources you follow. I followed x22 and sgt but not redpill or mrmbb333.

    Christopher Tanner

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