Little Visions from Oct. 23

I was cleaning my office - a holiday ritual - and found a paper on which I'd jotted a few quick visions that came during a moment when I was bored and decided to look ahead. I targeted three dates as shown below...thought I'd share them...

Oct. 23, 2018

  • People gathered in a park, marching, protests, serious
  • A cloud, the kind that arises after a bomb explodes, not an atomic bomb
  • Confusion in many people trying to sort out QAnon, the mainstream news, current events, etc.
  • Cloudy, windy, sun comes out for a minute!
  • Nate preparing to leave for a new job
  • Police sirens

 Nov. 1-2, 2018

  • Blue lights in the night sky – lasers?
  • A cave or caves is in the news
  • Someone’s hands folded, as if in a casket – Bush, Sr.?
  • Poison, anger vengeance
  • Mountains, a lodge, someone hiding comes to light
  • Switzerland, a white wall, a glass with whiskey in it, an interrupted drink, as if because of some disturbing news

 Nov. 14, 2018

  • Ticking, as in a timer or tension across the land
  • “Will it work?” as if asking, “Will the mid-term election results work to settle people down?”
  • Priests, pedophile operations in the news
  • Hillary Clinton caught in a spiderweb and trying to get out of it
  • Financial – the Last Hurrah!! is happening
  • High military person dies or is let go
  • Globalist arguments for social action bring struggle everywhere to the forefront, as if people finally understanding what it means
  • Venezuela important


  • November 8, 2018 There were blue lights in the sky before our town of Paradise, CA burned to the ground in just 24 hours. May I add, it was not a forest fire that burned through the trees and houses, the houses and structures were burned to the ground but still surrounded by healthy trees. The cars were melted but the plastic garbage cans sitting just next to them did not burn or melt.

  • Venezuela is important because of the 100 billion in coltan “blue gold” deposits there. All the countries need it for their space programs. It’s in Africa and one other place too.
    The 3 letter big bucks transfer is probably a misnomer. Think about it. Our nation is about 18-19 trillion in debt. And it has been operating on fiat money since tha establishment of the Fed anyway. What MONEY? The real yellow stuff from KY and the PI was moved to that location (SWITZERLAND)many many moons ago. And even that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. You know worth and value is only what people agree to. Digital is coming and so is the old fashioned barter system. We should all learn that unless you are proficient at alchemy you can’t take it with you. That’s why they can still dig it up in all the raided tombs! I once read a little thing that said money is like manure. If you pile it up it stinks to high heaven. If you spread it around it makes things grow.

    Sheila K.
  • I will look into these 4 internet sources; never heard about them thanks,
    Veronica Piselli
  • Wow Penny! I think you nailed everything – we can’t verify the switzerland vision obviously, but this is profound. However, I did hear from the Truth Honor and Integrity show report (highly recommend as it is far deeper than X22 report) that the world trust discovered a transfer of $780B from the IRS to a Swiss bank account….

  • Hi I’m new to your site I am reading robes now could you tell me what the for internet sources were the you follow thanks very much Sharon sweet

    Sharon Sweet

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