If The Tree Falls

If a child screams in the night and
no one hears, can we
say it never happened?
If they catch a monster eating
pizza should they
chase it away and hope
it never happens again?
What were you doing when
that young boy was raped
split, reprogrammed?
What was so important that you
never noticed the subtle difference
didn’t care that half of him
was missing?
If the tree falls destroying
branches that sheltered us
two hundred years and
no one notices will we
say it never stood?
Will we say
it never stood because
it never appeared on our
illuminated screens?
Millions of people lost
in private illusions
selected just for them
caught in detached connections
distracting each from the
painful day, the awful truths.
Will we wake up some day
and realize it
was all done with consciousness
before we learned how to manage it
before we learned
that others were
managing it for us?
© April 18, 2018 @ 10:43am by PLKelly


  • Most of the people probably wonder while listening to you, why the Robes picked you…..I don’t need to wonder, it is because you are exceptionally strong to handle this…..I wish I could remember everything I know without fearing to go crazy or to look crazy.

    I cannot thank you enough

    With love


    Carolina Ines Grashof
  • Exactly that. Brilliant.

  • Wow

    Colleen Reynolds
  • Penny, I really enjoyed this writing—particularly the question at the end—which I’ve read four times. We will wake up some day and realize this. Six times now.


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