CNN and the 2014 Winter Olympics

I don’t listen to CNN very often, and when I do I am always dismayed. Their reports of the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi was truly saddening. I hope no one in Russia or elsewhere in the world was taking the CNN reports to heart. Everything in it was designed to be a subtle insult to Russia, from the disgusted tone of voice describing the accommodations, to the ‘I-told-you-so’ attitude in their report about no Americans being there other than immediate family and friends of the athletes who had to be there. I have to ask, “Do you really believe you appeal to anyone who thinks for themselves, anyone with an education, or who cares about other people across the world?” If you represent anyone at all, it would have to be the lowest common denominator in society.  I’m sorry CNN, but you don’t represent me or my views – or the views of anyone I know – at all. You are an embarrassment to us all.


  • Thanks, Michael!!

    Penny Kelly
  • Thanks, Randall! You know, sometimes I don’t want to say what I see, but then I don’t hear or read anyone else pointing out what I feel are important truths and then I feel I simply MUST say something. Maybe I’m just not listening in the right places or reading the right comments, but it seems to me the issues are seldom addressed with a clear, straightforward, and truly sensitive honesty. And in order to build trust, or bridges of communication, or networks of community, that kind of honesty is a foundation stone.

    Penny Kelly
  • Well said Penny Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 19:06:31 +0000 To:

    michael masters
  • Penny, You are again RIGHT ON…. I recall the article “Angels don’t plan this HARRP”. It speaks of the same issues you raise. But you say it so clearly. Keep speaking out. Randall From your trip to Bekeley Springs, WV.

    Randall Ashelman
  • Thank you Penny!!!!!   I could not have said it better myself!! I am more than  a little ambarrassed about the all the negative (USA)  talk about Russia and how they did not do this or that right or how this has not been finished, people can be so rude and it just seems to be the norm anymore!!

    jennifer poeschel

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