A Few Tough Questions...

There are a lot of crap questions being asked since the Florida school shooting and I’d like to ask a few of my own. How many kids have to die before the American people realize that they are under attack by the New World Order, the Cabal, or whatever you want to call it? How long will it take ‘til we wake up and realize they are targeting children because that gets the most emotional, least thought-out response? How many shootings do we have to have using an AR-15 automatic rifle before we wake up and realize that if these were truly random shootings, there would be an assortment of guns used – not just AR-15s? Why is the AR-15 the featured gun in so many of these shootings? Is it because the New World Order wants to make sure that automatic rifles are outlawed so no guns of significant power are available to us? Can you imagine a shoot out between someone with a .22 rifle or even a .45 caliber handgun and an AR-15? Who would be the loser? Hands down – it would NOT be the AR-15! How many times do we have to hear that the FBI was somehow aware of the shooter before we say, “Hmm…what is the connection there? Out of 350 million people in the U.S., why is the FBI watching or dealing with the small handful of people who become mass-shooters?” Duh! How many times do we have to be told that the shooter was ‘angry, mentally disorganized, or emotionally unstable’ before we say, “How did such a misfit get organized enough to make the money to buy the AR-15 and ammunition necessary for such a shooting? Might someone or some organization been helping him?" Again, why is it always an automatic rifle? How did the shooter suddenly become organized enough to be wildly successful in his shooting spree when he hadn’t been able to organize any other kind of success in his life?

Goddammit, people, WAKE UP! These aren’t just miscellaneous shootings. They are an organized plan to get us to gut the last remaining article of our Constitution!! When are we going to wake up?? Do you have any idea what is really going on behind the façade of civility presented to us by mainstream news? There’s a war going on and it’s time we realized we are losing. It’s too bad that people have died, but that’s what happens in a war. Don’t make it worse by pretending nothing serious is going on, thereby sacrificing the whole country and the few shreds of freedom we have left.


  • AR-15’s are “SEMI automatic” (civilian legal) rifles, where one pull of the trigger fires one round.

    Government M-16 and M-4 rifles are “automatic rifles”, and can fire more than one round per pull of the trigger. They are also called “fully automatic” rifles, “select fire” rifles or “machineguns”.

    I only mention it because it is an important distinction.

    Lance Larsen
  • Wow! How thought provoking and enlightened. I too wondered about the similarities with the weapons and mental state of the shooters. I agree we are at war and the war is against humanity. Please keep waking people up. We are listening to you. Thank you for all you do.

    Karen Ridgeway
  • Penny you are so right and why are no other people saying the same thing? Keep up the good work.

    philip moscatello
  • Penny, this is spot on and what I have been thinking all along. I have been coming upon you again and again for sometime now. Mostly on YouTube. After the Regina Meredith interview, I bought your book “The Robes” and have been reading, absorbing, then reading again. I also subscribe to Gaia.Tv where, I must say, your experience is such in lock step with some of the more conscious minded contributors on the site, i.e.; Regina, Cory Goode, etc. The paths are being shown and lighted in so many different ways yet they all weave an underling web of such truth and understanding. It is like I have been on this quest for truth of things since I was a very small kid and, through all my experiences, these pieces that I have been collecting seem to be finally creating a whole, more complete picture. You are definitely a corner piece. I am so glad to have found you :o)

    Lynda McMullen-Boyce
  • I have seen the FBI involved in nearly all of the terrorist attacks (false flag operations) since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. They are all orchestrated by what I call the deep state. The deep state are orchestrated by what I call the International banking cartel, or the Cabal, or the ruling families. They also poison us via air, food, water, plastics, pesticides, gmo’s, vaccines, and drugs and more. I’m tired and dismayed at the slow pace of awakening of people though it seems to have quickened lately. I know Trump and the white hats who recruited him to run are attacking these evil people who control the world and who own the USA, Inc. This gives me hope. I have just today found you and will right now buy your Trump PDF to see what you have to say. I greatly appreciate you and the work you are doing. Tell the Robes thank you as well.


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